Future out of Kennedy

What students can do to better their tomorrow

The goal of schools is to prepare their students for their future, yet many  students at Kennedy struggle with this issue and wonder what students can do to prepare.

Students at Kennedy are being pushed to reach their potential by setting and meeting education requirements and standards set by the school, in order to leave high school with a diploma.  For those who are unaware of what they want to be, a mandatory bio class can be life changing.  Certain classes branch out and allow students to discover the possibilities in their future.

But though some of the students at Kennedy are dead set on what they want to be when they grow up, these requirements give students more experience and general knowledge.  

Freshman Nathaniel Avila stated, “I feel like this school offers a lot of opportunities to help us prepare for our future such as AP’s, volunteer opportunities, and the teachers are very helpful.”

Students are given access to the college center during school hours for advice towards gaining admission into their dream college and or internships.  College talks and visits are created in order to give students opportunities to talk to real college admissions officers and students.  

SAT study hall exists in order to allow students to study for the state testing every Friday and UCLA talks are scheduled every Wednesday in order to allow students at Kennedy to get a feel for what attending a UC school is like.  This all also helps to give insight on what students push to do in order to get admitted.  

Freshman Emma Kamel said, “Kennedy has helped me prepare to work with others in difficult situations.  Although in high school, the difficulties are minor, I have to work with some who are difficult, which is an example of what I have learned to use here.”

Kennedy High School is assisted by Lorin Abarr, a college counselor at Kennedy High School.  Abarr has set out a path with the purpose to help students with this transfer from high school to college.  Abarr has also programmed and kept up with the college section located on the Kennedy website.  If students have any other questions they can go to him and any other administrator to ask for assistance as well as advice.