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Second Semester Motivation

Ways that students can stay motivated during second semester
Second Semester Motivation

Motivation in a student’s education can be very challenging, especially when transitioning back into a workspace after a long break. Transitioning back into a working environment can be stressful. It can seem like a lot of work for students to find the energy to move on to the next semester. But there are ways for students to adapt effectively to excel as the new semester approaches.

Senior Hadia Ullah has had many experiences throughout her high school life where she had struggled with motivation “Motivation is hard to find and people find it in different ways and it is especially hard during the time when the semester is ending and I feel the pressure of turning everything on time. But over my high school years, I’ve gotten better at doing that because I think I’ve just come up with ways for me to stay motivated that worked for me. I found it in a supportive environment with my family always rooting for me and making sure my accomplishments don’t go unnoticed and my friends always able to give me advice when I need it.” 

A support system is a great way to start positively thinking; find someone who you can lean on when completing that one difficult task. It can give you more motivation as they can provide you with advice and feedback.

 How you respond to things after practicing positive thinking can help you handle stress more constructively rather than thinking negatively about things and not getting anything done because of your negative mindset.

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Positive thinking can help what seems like unapproachable tasks feel more unchallenging. Positive thinking is an effective way to interpret a difficult task to be more favorable. Though it can be a difficult habit to carry out, it’s good to start finding ways to be more optimistic and less pessimistic. 

Acknowledging small accomplishments. Even if the task was not difficult to do, having yourself acknowledge that you’ve completed it is just one way to start up motivation. It makes you want to become aligned with your future goals and influences you to do more. This will enhance your ability to feel more confident about completing your coursework.  Embracing your achievements over time will interrupt the cycle of self-doubt.

Ullah also expresses how her final year of high school she feels much more put together “I think I’ve been more organizated this year than the last couple of years the responsibility of being a senior and it definitely has been easier this way because I feel a lot more put together and less stress.”

The organization plays a very crucial part in motivation. Without organization, things can become or feel like a lot and can cause students to feel unmotivated if things feel too cluttered. Building some structure into a student’s life can help students perform better and can improve how productive they can be throughout the day. 

Having an uncluttered approach to starting a day can lead students to concentrate and shift into work mode quickly. Getting organized doesn’t need to be drastic; a simple to-do list helps you establish what needs to get done that day. Writing things down on a to-do list can make the work seem way less overwhelming.

 Going down a list or calendar can make things more organized and less stressful when you see it all jotted down in one space it keeps things more manageable. Having an outline of a plan makes assignments or tasks get managed and can have the desired outcome of motivation in the future. 

Establishing these new habits will help students better achieve their goal of staying motivated throughout the school year. It’s different for every student to find something that helps them stay motivated but there are many ways and options they can use. Prioritizing will help students be more productive, and sooner or later they will transition back to the point of completing work every day. 


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