How Art Class Can Help Mental Health


What many people don’t know is that therapists everywhere use art as a method for patients to resolve their thoughts and emotions. It allows people to express themselves and let their minds be free. For Kennedy students, that means joining an art class can provide some much needed therapy.

An article by the National Institutes of Health stated, “The American Art Therapy Association describes its main functions as improving cognitive and sensorimotor functions, fostering self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivating emotional resilience, promoting insight, enhancing social skills, reducing and resolving conflicts and distress, and promoting societal and ecological changes.”

That’s how art can benefit anyone, but how should you actually get started? There are multiple ways to participate in art, whether it’s just drawing on a piece of paper or joining an art class. Art supplies may cost some money, but you can make art with anything. Look for supplies around your house like pencils, scissors, and even scraps of fabric from old clothes. It’s not about what you have, but it’s about what you make of it.

 Another reasonable and inexpensive option is to join an art class at school. School in general can become stressful at times, especially if your schedule is jam packed with academic classes which don’t allow you to express creativity. Sometimes an art class can be a break from life or thinking about life too much. The school currently has many art classes to offer to all students. There is drawing, painting, ceramics, and art history. 

World literature teacher Maria Arienza-Lopez stated, “Art is like an escape for people and they can just let their minds be free. It takes away from the thoughts or worries that someone may be struggling with.”

Mental health is very important and many high school students struggle with anxiety and stress. Having an art class during school can help ease the nerves and allow them to give their mind a break while still being productive. 

Senior art student Danny Hirazaba stated, “I took an art class this year and honestly I feel like it benefited my mental health greatly. It gives me time to clear my mind and lets me be creative and have some fun.” 

Overall, an art class can help anyone. Even if art isn’t someone’s passion or favorite thing to do, it will relax your mind. Life can grow to be mentally exhausting sometimes, but art can help even if you just draw on a piece of paper for 30 minutes a day.