Modern Warfare 2 Sucks


A gamer raging out at Modern Warfare 2

   Modern Warfare ll only has a well-balanced campaign not multiplayer, resulting in the sad truth that the game was underdeveloped and could’ve been better. It was over-hyped and many people, including myself, were disappointed because the fact that Infinity Ward, the game’s creators, made it seem like Modern Warfare ll would be a fantastic game. When in reality, the campaign was the only good thing about the game. 

   I was expecting so much from Modern Warfare ll because of the previous games made by Infinity Ward and Activision. They made awesome games before, and I thought that this game would be able to one-up the others, but it barely did better than their Black Ops Cold War game. 

    As someone who loves Call of Duty, I was thrilled because of how good the campaign looked, and I was excited to see the rest of the game but got disappointed when I saw how the actual game looked. When I compared it to the campaign, the main game didn’t look good compared to the campaign and other games. 

    “I just got it for the campaign and Valeria,” said junior Mario Macias. Most people bought the full game because they just want to play the campaign, and they just kept Modern Warfare ll because of the simple fact that they spent a good 70 bucks just to play multiplayer and the campaign. 

   The game itself has decent mechanics, but 70 dollars for a game that doesn’t even have that good of graphics is pretty outrageous. I think Infinity Ward and Activision shouldn’t have hyped it so much but instead, they should’ve developed the game more. Did Modern Warfare ll really deserve all of the hype?

    Jacob Jimenez, a junior from Stoney Point High School, disagrees saying, “No, I don’t think the game is living up to the hype everyone had for it. The game was pretty slow, and I don’t like slow-paced games.” 

   Jimenez doesn’t believe that Modern Warfare ll is keeping up with everyone’s expectations for the game itself. I agree with that because it’s true MW2 isn’t upholding the expectations everyone has for it. But they should put a rank system like Apex Legends where you play against players with similar skills as you. 

   Junior Diego Nevarez agrees, “I’ve played Apex but not enough to notice skill-based matchmaking in it, but in mw2 it is terrible.” 

   What Nevarez said is very true because in one game you get people that barely started playing the game and it’s an easy win, but in the next game you get expert players and you can’t even test yourself because as soon as you start your character already died. 

   Modern Warfare ll just sucks and isn’t that good to where I even deleted it off of my Playstation and started playing more Overwatch and Apex Legends