Club Promotion Should Be Better

 Kennedy’s clubs don’t get promoted enough for students to know what kind of benefits they could get by joining the clubs. We have club rushes twice a year, one each semester but to be honest, I don’t think that’s enough. We should be having club rushes every couple of months.

   Some clubs give out community service hours; for example, there is a club called Operation Yarn run by Gabriela Miranda. Operation Yarn gives out service hours to club members who crochet anything, and new members get to learn how to crochet. In return for making a little creation, they get service hours. 

   It’s a perfect deal, you get to learn a new hobby, and club members complete a requirement for their senior year. That club alone only gets a simple spot on the school’s website, but that’s it. I don’t think that’s enough for a single club to get enough publicity to make people want to sign up. Miranda, a senior and president of Operation Yarn, said, “90 signatures due to club rush, once club rush stopped, people stopped showing up.” 

  Due to the club rush, Operation Yarn had a lot of people who wanted to join and were interested, but sadly because of a lack of publicity people stopped showing. Plus, a lot of clubs get more publicity compared to others. Kennedy has a club called Student Prep for the SATs or SPFS, where students get the help they need to apply for colleges. 

   The club even brings in guest speakers who got accepted into college and how they went about sending in their applications. That club alone gets more publicity than other clubs will get in one club rush, mainly because the club can provide students with the support and help they need to prepare for college applications. 

   But how can Kennedy fix this problem? I believe that Kennedy should hold more club rushes so clubs could showcase what the clubs do, or what the actual benefits are, or even have a little better page to what the clubs are really about. Assistant Principal Irvin Castaneda helps with advertising clubs and said that all clubs are run by the students, not by teachers. The teachers are just a sponsor and give their classes to the students to use for meetings, and everything else is done by the students. 

   I also believe that the club itself should post more about themselves on either the club’s Instagram page. The school could also post on Schoology the club meetings that are going on for each day of the week including the classroom number so students know where to go. 

   Castaneda has another way to fix the problem of clubs dying out very fast is, “The way we are trying to fix this is by putting in for the requirements of the club is for when the leader is about to graduate they have to elect a new person before they leave the club.” 

   Castaneda has a very good point because clubs need a president to run the club and without them, the club would sadly lose people. So the simplest solution that works for everyone is twofold: one, have more club rushes, and two, as Castaneda said, have a requirement stating that a new president should be elected before the current president graduates. 

  But that doesn’t change the fact that clubs should get equal advertisement and more support from Kennedy when it comes to getting more people to sign up for clubs.