From Educated To Educator


Seniors participating in the Teaching Academy this year have the opportunity to work for LAUSD in the near future after they receive the necessary curriculum required to educate children.  These preliminary contracts guarantee these high school students a job in LAUSD if they continue to pursue education in college and still wish to accept that contract upon graduation.

The Teaching Academy takes the seniors during their period three and four classes to Tulsa Elementary (Dixon) where they can better prepare and learn how to educate young children.  Although some have dropped from the program, many have stayed in order to reap the knowledge that can be gained from such an opportunity.

Freshman Emma Kamel stated, “It seems interesting as it would be something I would be interested in because of the involvement that seems to be demonstrated with the schools.”

Students can choose to either participate in strand one, early childhood pathways, strand two, technical education and learning within schools, and or get started with Educators of Tomorrow, and get help to prepare to become a future teacher.

The first strand associated with the child’s early education deals with training young students to attend to children who are located in any childcare institutions and or settings.  The trainees perform acts such as dressing, feeding, bathing, and or overseeing their play and activities.  

The Kennedy website states that the first strand focuses on the practical application of skills and knowledge that may be gained through a community internship at a local elementary school.

The second strand, or secondary education is associated with any technical education that a student needs to receive and to prepare students for careers in college pertaining to education.  These students have the option of either becoming Special Education assistants once they have graduated and passed the required exam provided by LAUSD or can learn more about the leadership required with education.

The third and final option for students who are interested in the teaching academy is EOT, or Educators of Tomorrow.  These students assist students in preparation for taking the District employment exams before their graduation.  Once graduated students are given support for finding any forms of job opportunities within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Sophomore Lizbeth Lucero stated, “It is nice to have a program that allows for me to have the opportunity to become a teacher right out of college.  I think that this needs to be advertised more though because I didn’t know it existed previously.”

This is one of the first years that this has been hosted, this program will be open in the upcoming years for any senior students who wish to participate.  If interested in signing up for the Teaching Academy more information can be found under academics on the Kennedy website.