Jasmine Fowlks Retiring After 22 Years of Service at Kennedy

Fowlks has made a key impact to the special education department


Fowlks preparing brownies for Cougar Cafe

Jasmine Fowlks, a staff member for the Special Ed department and helper for the Cougar Cafe, is retiring. 

     Fowlks has been to four countries throughout her life, with one of those countries being Canada. She plans on going to Canada for two months to catch up with friends and family. She also plans on enjoying the view, going on more walks, and overall enjoying life.  As she spends her time in Canada, she also plans on continuing her jewelry and cake business. 

       Fowlks served Kennedy for 22 years as a special education assistant and was also a huge component of the Cougar Cafe, as she is in charge of the production of the wonderful brownies. 

       Throughout the 22 years, she has experienced at Kennedy, she has gone through five principles, and the school changed in terms of the peer buddy program. 

    “Leslie Anderson and Jamie Dean are the ones who started this program and as time went on it became an elective,” said Fowlks. Throughout the years she has worked here, she has seen many great programs being implemented at the school, such as the GLEAM. 

      She would spend hours upon hours baking muffins, brownies, and much more. Fowlks had a passion for baking and helping others in any way she could. 

   Fowlks would find different ways how she could help others, and one of the most impactful ways was helping in the Special Ed, helping students with reading, writing, math, communication skills, and baking. 

   “Throughout the 22 years of me working here, my favorite memory has been baking and cooking. I love it so much that I also dream about baking and cooking,” said Fowlks. 

     Fowlks working at the Cougar Cafe has brought so many things to the students and the staff, such as compassion, joy, and teamwork. Some other memories that Fowlks has shared are her working with the peer buddies and with the students. “They make me feel so young,” said Fowlks. 

   Fowlks further explained how every new year she worked at the cafe, it would be a new adventure. Meeting new peer buddies, new students, and new staff. 

     “She’s very loving and caring, listens, and she always gives great advice,” said Luz Ballesteros, staff of Cougar Cafe. Ballesteros further says that Fowlks has always been an overachiever, loves to take challenges, and never says no. 

    “I’ve known Fowlks for 14 years, as a co-worker and a friend; it truly has been a blessing working with her, it is impossible to replicate someone like her,” said Ballesteros. The work and dedication that Fowlks produced have been extremely impactful. 

    One of the peer buddies shared his overall experience working with Fowlks. “It was very pleasant working with her, very polite and extremely enjoyable to work with,” said Peter Assali. 

  Assali explains how working with Fowlks was such a privilege because there is no one like her; she is irreplaceable. Having the opportunity to talk to her about the cafe and her life felt like an honor.  

  “You’re one of the hardest working staff and I appreciate the brownies you’ve baked for us…all of the brownies,” said Assali. 

   Maria Anna Calixto, an office worker for the Special Ed department, used to work with Fowlks and while working with her, Calixto expressed how it was a beautiful experience being able to collaborate with her and bring new ideas for the cafe.

  “Amazing experience, meaningful, she is an extremely dedicated person. Extremely wholesome, hardworking person, and extremely positive person,” said Calixto. 

   Calixto further expressed her happiness towards Fowlk’s presence in the cafe and classroom, and how it was a positive experience because she had someone to depend on.  

  Throughout the six years of Calixto and Fowlks working together, Fowlks was very compassionate and caring towards Calixto, the peer buddies, and the students. “She would always be there to involve herself and assist others. She was the leader of the cafe,” said Calixto. 

   “ I will always miss you Fowlks. I was happy to meet and work with someone who had the same passion as me. We love baking, cooking, and selling. We love our students too and seeing them progress. Good luck and enjoy your retirement. I pray that we will work together someday. Maybe our own business?” said Calixto. 

    “Thank you Fowlks for the impact you have made on the Special Ed department, the classrooms you worked with, and the cafe. Thank you for spreading your positivity and your ideas. Thank you for your 22 years of effort and work. It has been an amazing ride to work and share memories with you,” summed up Ballesteros.